Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many Alea vents do I need to have an impact in my home comfort? 

    We recommend installing a minimum of 3 Alea vents to make a significant impact on home airflow and start monitoring indoor air quality and HVAC performance.  Of course, additional vents can be purchased anytime and added to the system for further improvement.  

  • Which rooms should I install the Alea vent in?

    To decide which rooms should be equipped with an Alea vent, it is important to consider that when a vent’s flow is reduced: 

    • The airflow into the room is decreased (we call this “direct” effect”)  
    • Airflow increases in adjacent rooms connected to the same duct (we call this “indirect” effect”).

    If you have a “trouble-room” you need to determine whether the room is:

    1.) Getting too much hot or cold air -- In which case you need an Alea vent in that room. (see diagram)

    OR ...

    2.) Not getting enough air -- In which case placing Alea in adjacent rooms that might get too much air will allow Alea to direct air to the room(s) with more air demand. (see diagram)

    In addition, you need also to consider that the same rooms can suffer from “too hot” at some time of the day or of the year and inversely from “too” cold” at other times.  

    Our recommendation is thus that you install Alea vents in the “trouble” rooms and the adjacent ones and enable the system to determine and automatically manage year round the best configuration to meet your preferences. 

  • How do I properly measure for my Alea vents?

    There are two ways to measure for Alea:

    Method #1

    The most accurate method is to measure the rough opening dimensions behind the existing registers.  Alea vent measurements are based on the ducting size, NOT the dimensions of the vent cover grilles. 

    STEP 1: Remove the existing vent register in the floor, wall or ceiling.
    STEP 2: With the register removed, measure the duct opening (Width in inches-by-Height in inches)

    STEP 3: Order your Alea vent based on your measurements. Match the measurements to the correct Alea vent size pull down on the 'Shop'' page. 

    • The Width and Height of your opening should closely match one of the supported Width and Height of the available Alea vent sizes.

    Alea Supported Sizes (Batch 1):
    3"x10", 4"x10", 6"x10", 4"x12", 6"x12", 4"x14"and 6"x14"

    Method #2

    It's not always easy or convenient to remove and measure the duct opening behind the existing vents. An alternative method we find works, though not as accurate, is to measure the external dimensions of the grille cover (faceplate) and then take 1 to 1.5 inches off the measurements to estimate the duct size behind the grille.

    As an example: If your grille cover measures 11.5 inches by 5.5 inches, your duct size would be approximately 10 inches (11.5 inches minus 1.5 inches) by 4 inches (5.5 inches minus 1.5 inches). You'd then order a 4" x 10" Alea Vent.

    Here is a spreadsheet we made that maps external grille cover measurements to supported Alea vent sizes:

    Don't see Alea size that matches your opening?

    If your opening does not match one of our initial supported vent sizes, please email us at  We have designed Alea in a modular way that allows us to quickly add support for more vent sizes based on customer demand and we will be bringing more sizes in our scheduled next round of tooling in early Q1 2019.

    Our second Batch 2 tooling is planned for early Q1 2019 and we are considering some of these vent sizes: 10"x10", 10"x8", 12"x8" and 14"x8". Please send us your requested vent sizes and we'll add them to our growing list of sizes for Batch 2 consideration.

  • Do I need a smart thermostat to work with Alea?

    A connected smart thermostat is not absolutely necessary, but it will help you get the most value from your Alea vents.

  • Which smart thermostats work with Alea?

    Alea will work with Ecobee, Nest, & Honeywell from the onset. Other leading internet connected thermostats will be supported over time.

  • Do I need additional sensors for each room I install Alea?

    No. Each Alea vent is self sufficient and incorporates all the sensors and wireless connectivity that’s needed.

  • Can I use a hub other than the Alea smart hub?

    For now, the Alea vents works only with the Alea AirHub. The reason for that is that other commercially available hubs do not offer the levels of range, ease of use and security we require for proper user experience.

  • Can I install Alea myself?

    Yes! Alea is designed for easy "do it yourself" installation. Downloading the app and setting your property and preferences should take no more than 15 minutes and the physical installation of each vent less than 5.

  • What tools do I need to install Alea?

    For floor vents, none. For wall or ceiling installed vents, just a screwdriver.

  • Is Alea safe…? (Does it monitor and adjust for ducts’ air static pressure?)

    Yes. In fact it is safer than traditional registers that can be manually closed and create unmonitored high level air pressure in the ducts that could harm the HVAC system. The Alea vents monitor ducts’ air pressure, humidity and temperature and adjust the vents to ensure that the system never exceeds the threshold of safety.

  • Is Alea safe for pets and children?

    Yes. The vents are battery powered and the louvers motion is stopped if they sense pressure caused by an inserted object.

  • How is each Alea device powered?

    The vents are powered by 4 AA batteries complemented with, in the units that incorporate them, Alea’s proprietary energy harvesting system.

  • How long will Alea’s batteries last?

    Depending on usage, 2 to 3 years, and, with energy harvesting, 3 to 5 years.

  • Will I be notified when I need to change Alea’s batteries?

    Yes. Alea will send you an alert when it's time for new batteries.

  • How do I control my Alea vents?

    Alea is controlled with the Alea mobile app available for iPhone and Android devices. With your Alea app, you can access the system from anywhere as long as you're connected to the internet. The vents also can be controlled locally via BLE.

  • How do I return or cancel my order?

    Please read our return policy here.

    Your Alea order can be cancelled anytime during our Pre-order campaign. At the point of delivery of Alea to your shipping address, you will have 30 days to return your purchase for a full refund.

    Alea offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Alea Air™ system, you can return it within 30 days of shipment for a full product refund as long as the unit is its original package and returned undamaged.

    To initiate a refund and to arrange for the return of the product, email us at

  • How secure is Alea Air?

    At Alea, we take security very seriously. That's why we've paid great attention to combining industry standards with best practices, to ensure the protection of your device and private data against any malicious use.

  • Is my Alea Air under warranty?

    Please reference Alea's Warranty.
    Alea offers a 1-year limited warranty which starts on the day of delivery.

  • Can I buy Alea if I live outside of the USA or Canada?

    At this time it’s being offered only in North America.

  • What about air return registers?

    Alea is only designed to replace air supply registers at this time. Return vents are typically larger than supply vents, and you will not feel air being blown out of them. They also do not have dampers.

  • What colors are available for the Alea vent grille covers?

    For now, the Alea vent grille covers come in white color. The grille covers are made of a plastic resin material that are paintable.

  • Will Alea work with dual zoned systems?

    Yes, Alea will work with dual zoned systems. In our early stage, Alea would look at these two 'zones' as independent systems which each require setup and configuring of Alea. For this setup, Alea would require 2 AirHubs to control the different zones. In the second half of 2019, we plan to update the software to support multi-zones with one Alea AirHub.