Machine learning software

A single room, or
a whole-home zoning solution.

Alea leverages 12 sensors and machine learning algorithms to understand the thermal characteristics of each room in your home, then it optimizes to your preferences taking into account everything that effects the air in the room.

Air demand calculation

Precise temperature readings.

Single-zone and smart thermostats only read temperature at the point in the home where they are installed - which is why most homes have unbalanced air distribution.

Alea has three temperature sensors in every Alea Air™ vent which are used to determine not only the ambient room temperature, but also the air temperature entering the room through the HVAC ductwork. This unique temperature data is the basis for Alea’s airflow decision software.

Alea learning system

Smarter every day.

Alea starts learning the moment you install your vents. Sensor data begins to map and understand the thermal characteristics of each room in which it is placed.

When you set your schedule and the desired temperature for a room, Alea combines this data with ever-changing information like outdoor weather, humidity, and room sun exposure to effectively manage the runtime of your HVAC system - always learning and adjusting to best meet your comfort needs.

Sensor fusion

We’re sensing all the key home conditions.

Alea leverages a host of smart sensors to determine the true condition of the room, and utilizes the data for use in making real-time decisions about louver and airflow adjustment.

Air Quality
Measures volatile organic compounds to ensure your home air is healthy.
Infrared Temperature
Accurately determines room temperature where it matters, in the room, not the thermostat.
UV Ambient Light
Helps Alea predict if a room is occupied or getting an external source of heat.
Monitors the air pressure in ducting to protect the HVAC system from damage.
Adjusts louver position in case of air whistling sound.
Measures moisture to assess and adjust room conditions.
Back pressure aware

Built for your HVAC.

Alea's sensors continuously monitor key operational parameters of your HVAC system to keep track of critical variables such as static & differential pressure, room & duct air temperature, humidity, and more, to ensure that adjustments to your Alea vent system never cause excess pressure that could harm the HVAC blower or compressor.

When the Alea platform recognizes HVAC system irregularities or air quality degradation, a notification is sent to your Alea Air app.


Get comfortable with Alea.

Alea is available to replace your ceiling, wall, and floor vents in any combination of these sizes:

Batch 1 (available for preorder now): 3"x10", 4"x10", 6"x10", 4"x12", 6"x12", 4"x14"and 6"x14"

Batch 2 (some sizes under consideration for 2020): 10"x8", 10"x10", 12"x8", 12"x12",14"x8"

Learn how to measure your vents >

The more rooms you add Alea to, the better your home comfort will be. At minimum, we suggest you add Alea to 3 rooms.

Technical specifications

• Central forced-air central heating and/or cooling HVAC system.
• Internet connection
• iOS 9.0+ and Android 4.4+. Mobile app is required to control setup, monitor, and control Alea.
• Duct boot depth of 2 3/4"

Learn more about duct boot depth requirement >

• Alea works independent of the thermostat.


• Each vent is powered by 4 AA batteries.


• Room Temperature
• HVAC Temperature
• Air Quality
• Air Pressure
• Humidity
• Audio sensor for whistling noise
• & more


• 3"x10", 4"x10", 6"x10", 4"x12", 6"x12", 4"x14"and 6"x14"

Don't see Alea vents in your size? Let us know so that we can add these sizes > >

• 1-year limited

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